The first thing that I should say is that I LOVE read-a-thons! I think that my love for them is a bit strange because I don’t really do a lot of the things that other people normally do within the read-a-thon. Most people are all about the community part or some have prises involved. But for me, I have always found the community engagement (especially on twitter) to be difficult. Most of the time I don’t even sign up for the read-a-thons I don’t particularly care about winning prizes. What I do love about read-a-thons though is how creative they can be. I love how people can make up categories and prompts and make it all cohesive.

So this month I have looked over all the read-a-thons that I can find (mostly through YouTube and a Readathon calender )  and I have found 6 different read-a-thons that sound fun to read along with. How I choose what read-a-thons I am going to do is rather weird as well. Most of the time I find out about the read-a-thons late, so I usually already have my TBR picked out and I will only join the read-a-thon if the challenges fit within the TBR that I already have picked out. AND, because I am crazy I also have books that I want to read that are not for any of these read-a-thons, also though I am going to be using a lot of the same books for different read-a-thon challenges. So let’s just get into it.


This read-a-thon goes from the 1-10 of this month here are the challenges and what I may use to complete them. (there are a few challenges that I don’t think I can complete that may change by the end of the month but for now, I am going to leave them blank.)

  • Melt the Frozen Heart- read a book that features friendship or family
    • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Rapunzel, let down your long hair- read a retelling over 500 pages
  • Gadgets and gizmos a-plenty- read a retelling that’s part of a series
    • The Winter of the Witch
  • Beware the Snow Queen- read a retelling that takes place during winter or has a wintery word in the title
    • The Winter of the Witch
  • True love’s kiss- read a retelling with a swoon-worthy romance
    • The Winter of the Witch
  • warm hugs- curl up with a warm beverage and read your favorite fairy tale or retelling
    • Vasilisa the Beautiful
  • Let it go- read a book you’ve been hesitant to pick up
    • Vassia in the Night
  • Gaston’s tavern- read the group book – a Curse so Dark and Lonely


This read-a-thon goes from 1-14 and it looks like its going to get better and better each round it is done and I love D&D so I am so excited too but to things that I love together in this fun way. For this read-a-thon, you have to create your character by the books that you read. So this was a challenge for me because I had already picked by TBR and I had to build my character with this smaller selection of books rather than choosing the books by the traits of the character. I linked to the video so I am not going to go through all of the characters and all of the traits I am just going to talk about my own.

  • RACE
    • Warforged- read a science-fiction bool
      • Unearthed
    • Wizard- read a book featuring a school of magic or other special abilities
      • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    • Chaotic Good- read a book whose protagonist is a rebel or part of a revolution
      • The Winter of the Witch


This read-a-thon is centered around polar fantasy, which is a fantasy that takes place in a polar setting. Not all of the challenges have to be a polar fantasy but they are working you up to one. The concept behind these challenges is reading your way up a mountain and there are challenges that connect in certain ways to each other that will help you reach the top.


That link goes directly to the pdf of the challenges again I am only going to talk about my journey up the mountain.

  • A Journey Ahead
    • Unearthed
  • Northern Mythology/folklore
    • Vassia in the Night
  • Silver Cover
    • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Icy Magic
    • The Winter of the Witch
  • Polar Fantasy
    • Sky Song


This read-a-thon takes place during the whole of February. This round is called the Love edition 2019.

  • Group Book – Forest of a Thousand Lanterns
  • Group Movie – Mulan


  1. Love is an Open Door (Frozen)- Read a book with pink on the cover
    1. The Winter of the Witch
  2. Kiss the Girl (The Little Mermaid)- read a romance that is under 250 pages
  3. Tough the Sky (Brave)- read a book where the main character wants to make themselves
    1. Unearthed or The Winter of the Witch or The Cruel Prince
  4. Reflections (Mulan)- look in the mirror there is another one of you, read a book dealing with twins
    1. The Cruel Prince

Fantastic February

Lasting all month long this read-a-thon doesn’t have any challenges only that you read a book that contains fantasy and paranormal elements.

Manga Madness Readathon

This read-a-thon goes on from the 16-26 and is all about reading Manga. I think I am going to save my TBR for this for another post but I wanted to mention is here and give you all the visual for the challenges.


For more information about all of these read-a-thons just click on the names of each to be takes to their host pages or if you want to check out what other read-a-thons are going on this month or the rest of this year just click on the read-a-thon calendar link at the top of the page.

Let me know if you are going to take part in any of these read-a-thons with me.

I hope you have a magical day and happy reading.

(All photos and read-a-thon information was taken from the Host pages that the titles are linked to)


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